Tasmanian Trail - Days Zero and One

Q. Excuse me, but my partner who has studied our mascot extensively, wants to know why we are taking a pig with us. (She's clearly remembering the "squeal like a pig" scene with the hillbillies in Deliverance.).
A. The piglet is augment the menu in case our illustrious chef doesn't find any road kill to stew. Notice too the beverage container in its trotter. It will drink any unhealthy alcoholic beverages that might sneak into camp and so project the participants from liver damage. Flowers and foxtail are merely decoration.
A2. To remind us of those left at home.
A3. It's not a piglet it's a Road Hog.
A4. All available energy sources, human, piglet, roo, possum, etc are needed to get up some of those hills; and when descending screamingly and headed for the blackberry bushes, the piglet can be thrown out ahead to provide a soft landing in the event of bicycle and rider leaving the vertical plane and parting company

Devonport to Gog Range
Distance travelled 80Km
Day 0 really. They sailing party look pretty cheerfull at this stage. Steve B and David E were of course just tucking into a good feed at an Irish Pub in Devonport by this stage. Day started well until it was noticed that there was a schism in the group. David Edney and Steve Bolto on the Town side of the Mersey the others on the Ferry side. Once sorted and breakfast had been consumed there was a protracted bout of packing. Then we hit the road the pace was brisk till Latrobe while we sorted out the alpha male.
At Latrobe we picked up the keys and headed into the bush and our first dose of geographical embarrassment. We discovered that navigation ain't so simple, after a quick tour of the back blocks and some lovely motorcycle ruts we found the road. These ruts could eat a bike whole, not to mention the rider.

On to Railton and topiary. If you can afford to take some time with your trip, find out about Railton here. Make sure you do stop for a few minutes as the trail passes through the Sykes sanctuary.
Old railway easement. Very nice section, shade, gentle up hill.

Then on to Sheffield for Coffee and Irish Bagpipe Muisc. Finally the big task for the day on to the Gog ranges, hell and more geographic embarrassment.
Steven in the lead
David hammering into the pedals. Its uphill and bloody steep.
They know they're in Tasmania, but that's about all. It's late in the day - an hour or two off nightfall. Macca isn't there because he's out of radio range down the hill looking for a viable route to the Mersey River campsite (which, by the way, is actually back the way we'd come and along the base of the hills in the background). He's also just fallen off his bike and unwittingly provided us with some vivid photo opportunities for the injury log a couple of days hence.
Some damage to the duco. The bruising was worse. Amazing how bad scoria imbedded knees looked till cleaned up. Klutz Man strikes again! If only he'd learn to descend like a kamakaze. Like drunks, they never seem to get injured (well at least until day 3!)
The events of the day compared to the map.
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