Tasmanian Trail - Day Three


Looked like
"Just up a little more to the right ... yes, that's it." Steve and Dave taking obvious pleasure in each other's company - Cluan campsite at beginning of Day 3. Bloody CIA. You would think they could give photoshop a rest what with all those nice Second World country's to take over and run down into the Third World. Lovely dictatorships, good torture facilities and the secret police are "on side".
Yet another registration point on the trail, this is after a bit of down hill.
The mill on the way to the Valley and Bracknell.
Steve at speed on the floor of the valley
Damn this looks worse every time I see it. And no, it's not a stomach, it's a fat ITC professional's back, two day after a fall on the shale
10K to the bank and 1M in views
The Cinema Paradisio at Brackell. Technology, it's great. Funny how technology took more of a backseat, the further we travelled and the more tired we got. BTW, Mr Optus, we need you to make it easier for us to paly with our high-tech toys. Please can we have more GSM coverage in rural Tasmania ready for next year's ride? I think we had just better bite the bullet and equip a CDMA phone with a data path while it lasts. As for the Cinema, next year we are going WiFi so I don't have to struggle with both those wires.
On the map

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