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Some random ideas about gear for the trail

Steve suggested the BikeCamper tent. Dunno how the bike would stand-up on uneven ground though.

I suspect uneven ground wouldn't present a problem if the front wheel (hidden coyly from view in the Dean Woods image) was inserted firmly between the tent occupant's buttocks.

Well if I get the BOB it has a staggering load capacity of 32Kgs, about 30Kgs more than my legs can support. This would enable me to carry a couple of dozen brick to stabilise the tent and make a BBQ each night. After all we will need the protein and there should be ample cows about.

This is the tent snowgum have for $349, its small and has less head room than the topeak, I have one on lay-by.

Here is another gear list which looks to be fairly comprehensive. I think I'll get a folding tire. There seems to be a trend where the front panniers (not that I was going to get any) need to be mounted low and kept heavy with more than half the load.

Hammock / Tent

A possible combination of rack and bags ...

Rack - Topeak QR Beam Rack MTX $80
Rack bag - Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DX $110 or Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP $130
Handlebar bag - Topeak Tour Guide HandleBar Bag $80

More detail on Topeak's Bikamper. Looks like there are guy ropes at the front that hold the bike upright. Front wheel is removed and acts as a structural component at the other end. Without the fly, the tent looks like a coffin.

TassieTrailKitSmall.jpgOne man and one woman's view of what was necessary on the trail.