No doubt in these politcally conservative times, this page should be called "mutual obligation" or some such thing. As it is aimed at covering Marks costs on the trip. Being an old leftie, I'm much more comfortable with the revenue raising action of passing round an old rastafurian tea cosy in the appropriate colours.

Transport (the ferry)
Costs $484.00 or $97.00 per rider, if there are five of us.

  • We need to know the overall length of Mark's 4WD and trailer if we want to accurately estimate vehicle fares. lists the various fares for non-standard vehicles (see the shoulder season column) e.g. a car-trailer combo up to 6m is $162 one way; 6-7m $209; each metre over 7m an additional $52.
  • Passenger fares depend on accommodation option - see for details (shoulder season again).
  • OK needs a precise measurement from Mark but is eveybody happy with the split? I think he said the camper and 4WD would fit inside the 6m constraint but I'm not sure how, as my Prado is about 4m long.

Not sure?

I'll ask Mark for an estimate. Will also check with him re vehicle length.

I'm assuming the travel distance is about 1.5 times the 500km with stuffing arround and he gets about 23Lt/100Km.

Response from Mark ...


  • Car 4890mm
  • Van 4505mm
  • Overall 9395mm

Which caught me by surprise because I thought the pop-top was shorter. So car and Camper I figure is about $209 (car and trailer) + $117 (for the extra 2.25mtrs) = $326.

Fuel Consumption is about 18 on bitumen and 20 – 23 off road. So if we take Steve’s numbers of 1.5 x 500km @ 20L/100 (average)

150 L @ $1.15


P.S. From my perspective it is a holiday for me as well so, whilst I appreciate people chipping in but, I don’t expect and would not ask to be fully funded.

I think 9.395m will cost $209 + $156 (3m @ $52 per m) = $365 one way, $730 return.

So if we split the vehicle costs (Mark springs for his Ferry berth) We are looking at

  • Ferry $730 both ways
  • Fuel down $172 (1.5 by 500km)
  • Fuel up $103.50 (500km)

Total costs across five (hell bent) riders $201.10 rounded down to $200.00. Assuming fuel drops to $1.15 which we should forward buy on the market.