Keys - A Cautionary Tale

We emailed our request for two Trail keys to Bronte Park Highland Village a couple of weeks before we were due to start our trip. On the Friday we left Melbourne for Tasmania, the keys still hadn't turned up. BPHV were quite concerned when we called them and very helpfully arranged for McBain's Takeaways in Latrobe to put two keys aside for us to collect on our way through on the Saturday morning ($10 administration and handling fee plus $40 deposit to be refunded on key return). When we arrived at BPHV some days later, we asked about the missing keys and discovered others posted at the same time as ours had also not arrived at their destinations. BPHV had subsequently made a few enquiries and discovered the keys had somehow been destroyed during automated sorting by Australia Post (which clearly operates some seriously spiteful machinery). The bottom line here is that ideally 3-4 weeks should be allowed for delivery of guidebooks and keys from BPHV so as to allow for the vagaries of the postal system and aggressive mail-sorting infrastructure.