A Word about Navigation on the Trail

We would have been lost - literally - without good topographical maps and a GPS to supplement the guidebook. In many places, the guidebook directions are either vague to the point of being useless or are just plain nonsensical (e.g. "Y junction. Keep straight ahead" p. 30). Also, forestry operations over time have changed the landscape and systems of tracks and trail signage is patchy and unreliable. Having good maps and a GPS helped us out of many "where the hell are we?" situations.

If you're considering doing the trail it's well worth getting the guidebook and maps well before you go. You can then spend some time before you depart cross-checking the guidebook's route instructions and grid references with the maps, adding navigation notes to the guidebook and loading your GPS with waypoints. Putting this effort in up front will help you confirm the guidebook references (some of which we found questionable), stay on course when you're on the trail and, if you do find yourself having taken a wrong turn, to recognise you've done so before you've gone too far.

Topographic Maps

Tasmania has two main topographic map series – 1:25000 (1 cm equals 0.25 km) and 1:100000 (1 cm equals 1 km). For the Tasmanian Trail, the following nine 1:100000 maps cover the route and are the sources of the maps used in the guidebook: Forth, Mersey, Meander, Shannon, Nive, Tyenna, Derwent, Huon, D'Entrecasteaux.

Forth, Mersey
Stages 1 thru 3 (Devonport to Gog Range)

Forth, Meander
Stages 4 thru 6 (Gog Range to Arthurs Lake)

Meander, Shannon, Nive
Stages 7 thru 10 (Arthurs Lake to Ouse)

Shannon, Tyenna
Stages 11A thru 11B (Ouse to Glenora)

Tyenna, Derwent
Stages 12 thru 13 (Glenora to Judbury)

Tyenna, Huon, D'Entrecasteaux
Stages 14 thru 15 (Judbury to Dover)

A General Note about Map Availability

To check the current availability of the maps covering the trail, see the latest TASMAP series mapping index. If you have any questions about the maps, contact TASMAP (+61 3 6233 7741) or the Tasmanian Map Centre (+61 3 6231 9043).

Online Maps

Online topographical maps are available from Land Information System Tasmania ('the LIST').


Unfortunately we don't have any reliable GPS data recorded en route along the trail. A GPS file generated pre trip is available from this page, which might provide a starting point for creating your own route. At some stage we'll get some en route GPS data up on this page, but in the meantime if you are travelling down the trail with a GPS we'd welcome you contributing your waypoints, routes, etc.