Tasmanian Trail - Fentonbury to New Norfolk

We're back on the trail again and it feels great!

Steve contemplates the Black Hills that we have to cross later in the afternoon. Hell of a view, the trail over this section ran along ridges and through fields of tall dried grass which was a new experiance. Finding the rocks through the grass required a bit of ESP.
Richard and Steve ready and eager for Breakfast at Hamlet Downs. You can see just how tough we did it. Indeed the inclusion of the B&B almost made it feel as if we were not really doing the trail the way it was intended. However with carefull planning you could almost bounce from B&B to B&B down most of the later part of the Trail.
Riding this time are Steve, Andrew, Richard, Chris and Gary; with tremendous support from Sandra and Krystina.
Out on the trail, and the day starts as it finishes. Lots of gates to go through, over, and under today. Leaving the main road and back on the trail proper. "Turn left and pass through the dump" says the guide book. Actually the dump is not bad, but it is a pity to see the bush spoiled.
We don't always push the bikes. The party riding away from the gate. This is about 1.5 km from where Steve had his crash that finished our first journey. Even going back the second time it was surprising how steep the trail section was and how much concentration was required.
We got safely through the "Stephen's Falls" area after the junkyard off the highway at Fentonbury. Gary rides through with Steve in the background. This was after our first taste of Tai-Chi 'pushing bike up-hill' for the day.
After riding through the bush, the scenery opens out to the most amazing plain, and the route passes across fields along the ridge top for 4 or 5 km's. Very pretty, and quite unique for the trail.

What can we say? This looks spectacular, the cracked ribs less so, and they remained hidden for the rest of the ride! Amazingly Steve completed the ride to Dover. They breed them tough out his way!! Or dumb took a couple of days for the pain signals to get to my little brain. But there is something about Glenora and serious-ish accidents. Hey folks, if you follow us, watch out in this region of the trail - particularly for fallen fence wire across the track in the Fenton Forest area.
Your humble photographer was also the guide book bigot for the reprise. Here he gives his impression about the quality of the information in the guidbook. This is on the road that climbs up into the Black Hills after leaving Glenora and passing through Bushy Park. It's a fair climb. Not too severe, but quite constant. Almost enought to make you wish for a horse to drag you up the slope.
At the top of the Black Hills climb, the mountains keep going up. Fortunately we were able to ride through the saddle and down the other side. The hidden rise on this section requires a bit of gumption, you think you are there and then more up.
And on the other side was New Nofolk. This time we approached it from the trail, so this is the view from the north of the town. Tomorrow we ride south to Lachlan and then over the hills toward Crabtree. The route is over the hills in the distance of this shot. Once in New Norfolk we discovered most of the acommodation taken and had to revisit the camp ground.

Day 3