Tasmanian Trail - New Norfolk to Judbury

We're back on the trail again and it feels great!
Damn. Leaving New Norfolk and heading for Lachlan it starts to rain. And it looks like the rain could be setting in for the day too!
Even the sheep thought the weather was appalling and they needed to hide; either that or they thought this ute was their mum. I've never seen so many sheep crowd into any machine!
This is the campground at Lachlan. We chose to stay in New Norfolk and have the hot shower, and then take the 5km extra in the morning. From this distance, it seems like it was a good decsion. The actual site looked OK but there did not seem to any drinking water available.
The local folk at the Lachlan general store told us that someone on the trail HAD camped there the night before. We were on the lookout for other cyclists on the trail. All we saw was one set of wheel tracks - and they seemed to be headed down the return trail to Lachlan. The navigation at the top of the saddle was a bit hard. You were more or lest forced to go out on foot to check the trail before riding (pushing) the bike up.
Note to self. When navigating, READ THE SIGN STUPID! The information contained therein may just be useful in an hour or two. The (Big) Red triangles mark Jeffrey's track and the way to Crabtree. That's the way you are going! Follow the Tas Trail markers to the top of the hill, and then straight ahead when the trail turns right. Ken White's "Cycling the Tasmanian Way" warns cyclists off Judds track, saying that it is boggy and suitable only for walkers and horses. If he's right, I reckon they both could lose their shoes!
"Jeffrys Track is rough with some areas of boggy sand and deep holes." It tried to swallow the Giant ATX 840, but we fought hard and won! Gary on his soft-tail takes a better line and makes it look easy!
Track also as advertised! The worst of the section as far as mud goes, good thick sticky stuff impossible to ride through. There was a fine spring just above this point where we stopped for Lunch.
The peloton heads up Jeffry's track.
Steve Climbing up Jeffry's track. The wincing is probably from the broken ribs! Just down from here he fell orf again athough at low speed.
Richard heading down Jeffry's Track.
Our first glimpse of the Huon over the top along Jeffry's track.
Looking back from the Huon valley to the Jeffry's Track pass.
Were we ever pleased to see the Judbury Public Hall. We'd just ridden 15km into a fierce headwind! Of course there is no where to stay in town the camp spot with the promised hot showers in derelict and disconnected from the grid
Of course we didn't camp in the picnic shelter. Was the charge $500 each or $500 for the group? Steve and Richard puzzle it out. This spot looked real good we hid behind the fire station and kept a low profile. Till the fire just out of town when it became pretty obvious that we were camping there.
Riding through the forest, you begin to take the size of the trees for granted. Seeing this one beside the church in Judbury made me appreciate again just how big some of them really are.
Carve your own adventure playground. No worries about public liability insurance from splinters in this part of the world. There are a few lovely such structures in the picnic ground at Judbury.

Day 4