For those who are without the off-line commentary, sadly we didn't make it to Dover on our first attempt. Stages one and two are quite OK, but from then on, we encountered some difficult terrain. In short, it seems the guide has been written for horse riders, who really don't care if they have to climb hills for a couple of hours. MTB riders on the other hand, find that climbing hills for more than 3-4 hours per day may sometimes become quite taxing (particularly when you did it the day before and the day before that [I hope you get the drift]).

We were excessively optomisitic about the distances we could cover each day. If you are planning to complete the whole trip, by MTB, we recommend that you allow 1 stage per day, although you can easily combine stages 1 and 2 into 1 day. We had a fanstastic run with the weather, but we'd still recommend that you plan a 1 day no-riding break every 3-4 days. You may need it for equipment maintenance, bodily recovery, or to make allowance for nasty weather.

Now, sit back, relax, and transport youself back to December 2005 and enjoy the view that only a historical perspective can offer....

So, well we've all been back to work, made the same miserable contribution to child rearing and attempted to balance the budget. Next, to inspire us to finish this wonder off, let's have new logo...


Who's in, and how will we do it?

DG's a starter. (And a finisher, too!)

SB's would like to

Roughly speaking as a first cut
Section 1 Airport to Dover 99Km road or bus unsupported. If we are supported this gives us an extra day.
Section 2 Stage 15 Dover to North Creek 27.4Km, Stage 14 North Creek to Judbury 36.5Km. Total 63.9Km
Section 3 Stage 13 Lachlan to Judbury 33.9Km, Stage 12 Glenora to Lachlan 29.9Km. Total 63.8Km
Section 4 Unsupported Glenora to Hobart 56.33Km. Supported Mt Bethune and back 49.6Km (some of which can be cut by road on the way back) then drive to Hobart
In at 8.00pm on Wen out at 9.35pm on Sun. Sun has the latest flight out by Virginblue, during week its 8.00pm ish.
This can be done pub to pub with the exception of Judbury which only has B&B or farm stay. We will not be able to carry enough kit across the hard stuff unless we BoB it. Food and clothes can be premailed to Pubs along the way and we can pick it up as we go.
Van and trailer rental will add some costs in.

While Macca is more wary than ever about the trail book!

At the top of the Caves Track, had we been going in reverse, we would have had no hope of finding the trail. Sadly we now know that the descriptions are sometimes inadequate. The necessary GPS Way Points that would enable a 'reverse transit' along the trail are just not in the guide book. So my suggestion is that we go 'the right way' from Westerway to Dover, and start by completing the cross-country section into Glenora that we had to abort after SM's endo. I know we could also do Mt Bethune, but all the information we have says that it's not really bike territory.....

SB's the right way then assuming no support.

Section 1. Airport to Fentonbury. By road 78Km. Gaff at the Hamlet Downs Country Accommodation (4 stars) $60.00 per head depending on numbers.
Section 2. part of Stage 11 20.9Km including some road from the Gaff. Stage 12 Glenora to New Norfolk 22.9Km. Total 43.8Km. There are a number of places to stay in New Norfolk.
Section 3. The rest of stage 12 to Lachlan 7.1Km. Stage 13 Lachlan to Judbury 33.9Km. Stage 14 Judbury to Geeveston 37.5Km. Total 78.5Km. Plenty of places to stay. Tough section.
Section 4. Stage 15 Geeveston to Dover 33.4Km. Digs are plentifull. Savor the moment or push on by road 44Km to Huonville
Section 5. Dover to Hobart Airport 99Km.

SB's the right way with support.

Section 1. Airport to Glenora. By road 66.2Km. Glenora Camp site. Eggs again.
Section 2. Glenora to Fentonbury 35Km, Fentonbury to Lachlan 29.9. Total 64.9Km
Section 3. Lachlan to Judbury 33.9Km
Section 4. Judbury to North Creek 36.5Km. North Creek to Dover 27.4Km. Total 63.9Km.
Section 5. Dover to Hobart 99Km.

SB's the right way with support (post BBC planning meeting).

Preliminary, Airport to Fentonbury. By Taxi bus road 78Km. Gaff at the Hamlet Downs Country Accommodation (4 stars) $60.00 per head depending on numbers. (Last bath).
Fri, 17 Mar 06 Flight JQ 53 19:00 Melbourne-Tullamarine 20:10 Hobart $69.
Section 1. Fentonbury to Glenora offroad 10.9Km. Glenora to Lachlan 29.9Km. Total 40.80Km
Section 2. Lachlan to Judbury 33.9Km.
Section 3. Judbury to North Creek 36.5Km.
Section 4. North Creek to Dover 27.4Km. Pub and a bath.
Section 5. Dover to Hobart 99Km, or get a Taxi from Huonville Wed, 22 Mar 06 Flight JQ 62 Operated by Jetstar 20:40 Hobart 21:50 Melbourne-Tullamarine $74.