TraAssuming we take the ferry down there, I'm not sure sleeping in an economy class seat will aid riding performance the next day. So do we get the business class seats or a cabin? If we book as a group we may get a better price?

I'm all for a cabin - see for prices. Bikes are only $6 (they qualify for the $21 "Federal Government Rebate under the Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme" - see I notice kennels are only $21 per pet. Those of us who are fiscally challenged - perhaps through spending too much on gear beforehand - might be able to book as dogs. If you're interested in this option and want to find out what type of dog you are (or could be), visit and click on the 'Game' link.

The Qantaslink/Qantas option is $228, MEL to DVP and HBT to MEL. Bike is $11 each way with $16.50 bike carrier required each way (not much chance we will want to cart that down the trail). Frequent flyer points may be used on the HBT to MEL link. Not sure about the Qantaslink flight. Qantaslink/Jetstar comes in at $210. Webjet $130 MEL to DVP, HBT to MEL.

Dover to Hobart and the Airport
My wonderful cousin (nobody tell her that I said that) who lives in the 'burbs in Hobart will either lend us a car with towbar, so we can hire a trailer, or hire a trailer herself and come down to Dover for us. Now to arrange a mortgage to pay for Tasmanian petrol, bought to us by Rape and Pillage Hydrocarbons, Inc.

Flights from Hobart to Melbourne on Sunday 27/11

What flight shall we book on? Steve's suggestion that the later the better to allow for contingencies makes a lot of sense. It also allows us a bit of time to call in for a late breakfast and coffee at Amulet - formerly the renowned Mit Zitrone - in North Hobart ( and perhaps do a bit of mooching around the wharves, Salamanca, etc.


SPOT 18/11, business seat booked. Hill Climbing makes my knees hurt & they are still sore!

Depart Spirit of Tasmania Melbourne-Devonport Fri 18/11 9pm (booked); return Virgin Blue DJ375 Hobart-Melbourne Sun 27/11 9:35pm (booked)
Depart Spirit of Tasmania Melbourne-Devonport Fri 18/11 9pm (booked); return Spirit of Tasmania Devonport-Melbourne Sun 27/11 9pm (booked)

QF2721@3.40pm on the 18/11 in and DJ375@9.35pm on the 27/11 out (booked)

SPOT 18/11, business seat booked.