The Week Before the Start
Steve - rolled ankle (basketball)
David - bruised and blood-blistered toes (falling tins of cat food)

Dave - rolled ankle (tent erection)

During the ride

Glib explaination
Andrew McCoy
In order to save the group from an almost certain cold night in the bush. Andrew set off to scout the Gog ranges logging track we were lost on. On the way he encountered some shale the results of which he got to wear for the next nine days.

Pretty vivid and this is day four.
David Edney
We thought they were a pair of tassy tiger tails. Bettadene and blackberry scratches adding more the colour to the event. Product of some nasty loose downhill and a sizable chunk of speed.
Stephen McCoy Clear winner
40Kmh endo on down hill. Skin graft anybody?