Steve Hemsworth is planning an un-supported 'light and fast' trip along the Tasmanian Trail in October 2009. Trip report to come.
With a limited amount of time and with most of the route only passing near small villages I can't expect too much support carrying all your possessions and enough food to last a long day in the saddle - "light and fast" is the order of the day.

Travelling alone I decided upon the easy option and will stay in accommodation each night, this means I will keep total carry weight down to a manageable 8Kg.

I have spent a lot of time researching the right type of equipment to take, it's a case of making sure you have everything you need to be safe and comfortable whilst not taking the kitchen sink on the back of my bike.

My planning

        • Equipment full list of equipment including specialised saddle bags for MTB, layering with merino,safety list and what to expect to pay.
        • Navigation Includes full list of 450 GPS way points!
        • Schedule 7-8 days = 489Km's, places to stay and prices.
        • Training - Ouch - how to get cycle fit from from start to over 200Km's a week...