Individual Shakedown

Nasty word I know, but...what should we be looking at a couple of runs up the Warby rail line would be a start. What else?

Not a bad idea. How about mid- to late-August, say, Sat 20th or Sun 21st? There are lots of good cafes up in Warburton these days, so an early start from Lilydale could have us up there for morning coffee, which could then extend to lunch.

Posible Date
Ride Name

Ride Description

Kinglake NP Circuit
This is an old Melbourne Autumn Day tour ride, and from memory it is about 70km. Starting at St Andrews, ride across to O'Shannesy reserviour, then down into Yarra Glen. Up the back road through King Lake National Park (the land of the 6 foot tiger snake) to Kinglake. Then back down through the NP to St Andrews.

Mt Donna Buang
Start at Warburton. 25km up and 25 down! On the road or off.

Big Pats
Start at Healseville. Out to Big Pats creek car park then up the old tramline to Startlings Gap. Depending on the day and conditions continue on to the Ada tree. Either return the way you came, or go down the road, or around the loop through Powelltown

Healesville to Marysville via the Acheron Way and various tracks?

Lake Eildon dam to Bonnie Doon and on around the lake just for fun

take the chairlift to the top of Mt Kosiosko, use your oxygen bottle and then ride down.

Strap your bike to you back and stroll up Mt Everest and ride downat your leisure. Remember your studded tyres for the icy glaciers.

Loop from Healesville, up from Badger's creek wier along the first part of the national horse trail. Meet up with the Melba ? Highway and swoop back down the road to the start point.


For anyone looking for a neat "Warm Down" ride at our favourite training venue, take a look at for rides on December 10 and 11.